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A little upturn in the weather would never scare away a true diehard golfer. However, there is a clear-cut difference between golfing during summertime and golfing in winter. Summer conditions are extremely favorable for outdoor sports. The weather is exceptionally friendly, and overall, summertime golfing feels incredible. Winter conditions, on the other hand, make golfing a bit tricky. Not only does the lowered temperature make outdoor endeavors remarkably difficult, with the number of fabrics one has to put on to maintain one’s body temperature, but the condition of all golf courses is also greatly affected by the winter weather. However, if you are willing to brave the weather, you can definitely squeeze in a few rounds; that is when the golf course has only a light dusting of snow.

As a diehard golfer, you will need to gain access to the best golfing equipment and gears the world has to offer. Whether it is apparel, shoes, bags, golf clubs, or golf balls, the best-golfing equipment makes wintertime golfing a bit easier. Although most golfing equipment is somewhat generic, meaning that they all perform at the highest level, regular golf balls tend to create a subpar golfing experience during cold winter days. 

In this article, we have put together a list of some of the best performing winter golf balls available for purchase. Nevertheless, before we dive into the heat of the conversation, let us look at how regular golf balls perform in colder weather. 

Facts about Regular Golf Balls in Winter Golfing

  • freezing air has a higher density than warm air, which creates added drag as the ball moves through the air
  • For every 10-degree decline in the atmospheric temperature, the golf ball traveling loses about 2 yards of carrying.
  • Colder golf balls become significantly stiffer, ultimately reducing their velocity, spin, and accuracy.
  • When the atmospheric temperature ranges from 40 degrees and under, golfers find it harder to hit their mark as the golf balls experience a 5 to 10 yards distance loss.
  • The regular white golf balls become less visible in a course covered with snow.

Why You Need Special Golf Balls For Your Winter Golfing

By now, it should already be obvious that you need special golf balls to better your winter golfing experience. Nevertheless, if it is not already obvious, allow us to point it out for you. 

  • Winter golf balls possess a high-energy core, which amounts to better aerodynamics. That means that the balls will be able to travel better in dense winter winds.
  • Winter golf balls come in a wide array of colors to improve visibility instead of the regular white balls that automatically blend in the snow.
  • Winter golf balls are significantly softer than their regular counterpart are. The softer the ball, the easier the compression in colder air
  • Winter golf balls generally come with a protective cover whose major function is to keep the ball warm. A warm ball will always fly with greater velocity and accuracy than a cold one.

If you are keen on hitting the course this coming winter, you most certainly require a special winter golf ball. However, there are different golf balls available to choose from. Here is a list of 5 of the best golf balls that will help you achieve the best winter golfing experience. 

Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow Golf Balls

Like its counterpart, the NXT Tour, the Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow is the perfect addition to your winter golfing equipment. It is softer than the NXT Tour, but its incredible compression allows for better overall performance, perfect for a winter round in the nearby golf course.

Additionally, the ball’s high-energy core coupled with the traditional dimple design increases the aerodynamic properties of the ball. That means that the ball would travel further than regular golf balls in the dense winter winds. Lastly, its bright yellow painting accounts for increased visibility in contrast to the dull winter sky.¬†click here to find new golf guide Lines. Overall, you get a high-performance ball that you can easily find no matter how far you hit it.

Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track Golf balls

This is arguably one of the best winter balls in existence. The combination of softness, control, and long-distance coverage makes these balls one of the world’s best. The ERC Soft Triple Track golf ball has a multi-element cover coupled with its large inner core. That accounts for the right amount of speed and spin while maintaining its accuracy over long distances. visit for golf tips and trick.

Bridgestone E6

This golf ball is one every diehard golfer dreams of owning. The E6 design is a low compression core, an anti sidespin layer, and a surreal Surlyn outer cover, which gives a nice feel to it. With its dual dimple design, the Bridgestone E6 offers an increased velocity and lift, cutting through the dense winter wind like a hot knife through butter. 

As an amateur golfer, the Bridgestone E6 is a great golf ball that will help with control while improving your game.

Volvik Vivid Soft Golf Balls

The Volvik Vivid Soft falls under the premium line of urethane-covered balls. Players with mid swing speeds who are looking to gather more distance will benefit from the ball’s high spin control feature, as well as its lowered compression. It also comes in different colors, which makes for increased visibility across a snow-covered golf course.

The ball offers remarkable control, accuracy, and velocity, making it a fan favorite amongst newbie and amateur golfer. 

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

For some pro golfers, the Titleist Pro V1 stands at the pinnacle of golf ball designs. As it was made using intuitive technology, the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls sport a rubber core made out of polybutadiene and a urethane-elastomer cover that gives the ball a softer feel. It also comes with a 388-dimple pattern that allows for great compression. That allows for a higher and more consistent flight, as the ball can cut across the dense winter wind with ease. 

Overall, the ball’s design revolves around general performance. Whether you are a pro golfer or an amateur, this ball gives you the confidence you need to make your mark on the course.

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